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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is a real commitment from PT. Cipta Koin Digital both on mobile application and website www.pasar.koinku.id (further will be called “Koinku”). We collect and use your personal information in accordance with the provisions as stipulated by the Laws of the Protection of personal data. It’s important for you to understand this Privacy Policy along with any other applicable information that will be used as the basis for the management of your personal data. By accessing Koinku service, you are deemed to understand and agree to all forms of Privacy Policy stated on Koinku platform and its changes.

It’s important for you to understand this Privacy Policy along with any other applicable information that will be used as the basis for the management of your personal data. By accessing Koinku service, you are deemed to understand and agree to all forms of Privacy Policy stated on Koinku platform and its changes.


When you use Koinku application and/or website, we might ask you to provide some information in the form of Personal Data that we will use to identify, qualify the membership status in using service facilities and contact you. Personal Data Information including but not limited at Name, Phone Number, Email address, Full address, KTP/e-KTP, Driver licencse, Passport and your Photo. You hereby stated and acknowledge correctly that any form of personal information you provide to us and personal information that we collect from you based on your own information or information that you have authorized to be provided to us.

That you have agree to not give or provide any form of data, document or information which is not yours and you hereby agree to not give or provide any forms of data, document or information which is not true, inaccurate, and misleading and with this you agree to deliver and inform the untruth, inaccurate, mislead information, data change, and document. The information will be inform to Koinku both in oral nor written.

That when you use KOINKU application or website, we will also use the processing to your technical data like, Internet Protocol Addres, internet device identity (ID) and/or Media Access Control Adress, Factory information, model, and Operating System of your device that used to access KOINKU application/website.

If you choose to not provide the personal data in any forms that we asked, or want to withdraw the agreement or significanlly limit the processing of your personal data, it means that you agree that we cannot provide our service and product to you.


We may collect, use, disclose and/or process your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

1. Providing Services
  • To identify and/or verify
  • To manage your account (if any) in KOINKU.
  • To verify and process payment transactions in connection with crypto buying and selling marketplace services related to you and/or the services used by you.
  • To facilitate the service uses by or access on KOINKU’s application or website by you.
  • Respond or provide you the services, product information and assistance you have requested from us.
2. Marketing and Advertising
  • To provide you the information that we think may be useful for you or that you requested from us (as long as you choose to receive such information).
  • To send you the information or promotion about our product and services from third party seller on our application/website from time to time (as long as you choose to receive such information).
  • Allow you to participate in our interactive features, only if you choose and agree to do so.
3. Legal and Operational Objectives
  • To ensure that all forms of identity and/or Personal Data that you provided to KOINKU are trully your own data in purpose to identifying to fraud, counterfeit, and other legal violation acts and/or violation against the applicable laws and regulations.
  • To process any forms of complaints, responses, laws enforcement actions and take down request in connection with any content that you uploaded to KOINKU application/website.
  • To generate the statistics and research for internal report and to the government and/or keeping the obligations report.
  • To keep, host, and backups your personal data.
  • To prevent or investigate actual or suspected violations of the Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, fraud, counterfeiting, unlawful activity, negligence or misuse, wheter relating to your use of KOINKU services or other problems arising from your relationship with KOINKU.
Important :
If all or part of this information is not provided, we may not be able to provide this service.


To protect your personal data from unauthorized or risk access, collectiong, use, disclosure, processing, copying, modification, and deletion, KOINKU has implemented proper administrative, physical, technical measures such as :
  • Limit the access to your personal data for individual who need the access.
  • Manage technology product to prevent unauthorized computer access.
  • Use data encryption technology, Secured Socket Layer (SSL), Certificate, and protected with digital signature.
  • Manage technology product to prevent unauthorized computer access.
  • Implemented other security system that required by the law.
Important :
However, you have to know that there’s no transmission method by internet or electronic storage method that fully safe. We do our best in security to protect your information and constantly review and upgrade our security system.


Without ignore anything that against this Privacy Policy, KOINKU has the right to keep and/or reveal your information if we sure that:
  • The act necessary according to law, legislation, law enforcement process or government request;
  • To protect someone’s safety.
  • To solve the problem of Fraud and/or Forecjudication and/or Other Crimes such as Money Laundering Crimes, Corruption Crimes, Terrorism Financing Crimes, Crimes of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and/or to solve other legal problems as stipulated in the Laws and Regulations;
  • Security or technical; or
  • Or to protect the rights or property of My Coins or my Coin users. However, nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit the Law Enforcement Process or you should ask the Government and/or Law Enforcement Authorities who have the authority to disclose your information.


A cookie is a small data file that the Browser hosts on your internet device. With cookies, the Koinku app/website feature you access can store information or remember your actions and preferences from time to time. Most Internet Browsers support Cookies, but you can set the Browser you use to reject certain types of Cookies or specific Cookies. In addition, you can delete Cookies at any time. My Coin uses Cookies for a variety of purposes. Koinku uses it, for example, to remember your safe browsing preferences, help you to use the Services or administer the Services and protect your data.


You may notify your withdrawal agreement of consent in connection with the continually of use, reveal, keep, and/or manage of your personal data with cantacting KOINKU through the contact below,……, obey to the terms and/or limitations specified by the applicable laws and regulations.
Please note that when you notify koinku of your withdrawal of your consent regarding koinku's use, disclosure, storage or processing of your personal data for the purposes and in the manner specified above or exercising your other rights as specified in the applicable Laws and Regulations, Koinku will no longer be able to provide the Services or perform any agreements Koinku has with you, and Koinku will not be liable in the event that Koinku does not continue to provide services to you , or execute an agreement with you. The legal rights and remedies of Koinku are expressly protected under these circumstances.


KOINKU has right to change the privacy policy from time to time. You can visit KOINKU website constantly to check this privacy policy latest upgrade and to review the policy at the moment. KOINKU will do the best to notify you about fundamental changes in Privacy Policy and the announcement will be posted in our application or website, or will be sent by mail to the mail address that related to your account in KOINKU.

I. Contact Us

If you have any questions, complaints, and/or any problems about the implementation of this Privacy Policy, in this case you may contact us by support@koinku.id


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