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Terms and Condition

1. Terms and Condition

General Terms and Condition for KOINKU member (followed with all attachments, changes and/or additions and updates). Further will be called “SKU” (Terms and Condition). That the Terms and Condition in this case contains about Terms and Condition regarding the use of Products, Services, and Technology included in all facilities and feature of services provided by KOINKU. By registering to become the member of KOINKU then you are hereby deemed to declare and binding yourself to have READ, UNDERSTAND, AGREE, and OBEY with all applicable Terms and Condition set by KOINKU. That all forms of Terms and Conditions for Member will be further described below and constitute an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions. That you are suggested to read, know, and understand the content that contained in all Terms and Conditions carefully before using Website or all services that given by KOINKU, and together with this, you agree and fully bind yourself and responsible for all activities in this TERMS AND CONDITIONS with following General Terms and Conditions.

2. Definition and Terms

As long as the context of this sentence has no other meaning, the phrases and definitions in these Terms and Conditions have following meanings:
  • Website refer to online website https://pasar.koinku.id. This website managed by PT Cipta Koin Digital, not limited to the owners, investors, employee and other parties related with PT Cipta Koin Digital. Depends on the context, KOINKU may also refer to services, products, sites, content or other materials provided by PT Cipta Koin Digital.
  • Registration is a process to become KOINKU member which is the initial verification process to obtain data, information, and statements from the members.
  • Member is a person (individual) who has done the registration process on the website through verification process and obtain the authorization from KOINKU to conduct Digital Asset trading activities.
  • Verification is a checking activity in the registration process regarding the data, information and personal statement of prospective member, and personal information that listed at the time of registration will be validated by KOINKU in order to become a KOINKU member. After verification process is complete and all the data, information and personal statement of prospective members are true then the prospective member will be a member and entitled for KOINKU services.
  • KOINKU Account is an acces that given to the KOINKU member to obtain the information and to conduct Digital Asset Trading activities.
  • Password is a collection of character consisting of alpha-numeric sequences or a combination of both used by members to verify their identity to the security system owned by the network on KOINKU.
  • Cryptocurrency Asset is a Digital Asset that uses the principle of decentralized technology called Blockchain Network that traded on KOINKU
  • Blockchain is an open distributed ledger that can record the transaction between 2 (two) parties efficiently and in a permanently verifable manner.
  • Deposit is the process of storing the Digital Asset or Rupiah by the members. Deposit refers to the adding mechanism (Top-Up) to the balance of Rupiah or Digital Assets and in the process is done using the member’s media account that have registered in KOINKU. With regard to this deposit mechanism can be done by using 2 (two) methods. Firstly, the member sends Digital Asset balance from member’s wallet to be received in member’s account in KOINKU and secondly by sending Rupiah into member’s account via bank transfer.
  • Withdraw is the process of transferring or withdrawing digital assets or rupiah by members. Withdraw also refers to the process of transferring or withdrawing Digital Assets or Rupiah from a member's account in Koinku to another wallet or bank account. The mechanism of withdrawing or withdrawing to a bank account can only be done if the name of the bank account owner matches the name of the koinku account owner.
  • Order Book is a list of selling prices and purchace prices that available on KOINKU. Members can buy or sell Digital Assets using the price listed and to facilitate members, Order Book is divided into 2 (two) sections, namely: First, Market Buy is a list of digital asset purchase requisitions complete with the number of digital assets and prices offered by the buyers. Second, Market Sell is a list of digital assets that sold complete with the number of digital assets and the price requested by the seller.
  • Bitcoin Adress is an address that listed on the “receive” menu in the form of a Bitcoin address that was created specifically for members and can be used many times. In technical terms, bitcoin addresses have a role or function to receive Bitcoins sent by members from other places/Wallets to member-owned accounts in KOINKU.
  • Cryptocurrency Asset Delivery Limit is the minimum limit and maximum limit in delivering the Cryptocurrency Assets to the other Cryptocurrency Assets wallet per day. It’s necessary to explain thatevery member’s account will have different sending limit and be adjusted with the Terms and Conditions based on the prevailing Laws and Regulations.
  • Rupiah Withdrawal Limit is a minimum and maximum withdrawal limit of Rupiah per day. It’s necessary to explain that every member’s account will have different withdrawal limit that adjusted to the Terms and Conditions and prevailing Laws and Regulations.
  • KYC (Know Your Customer Principles) is the process of assessing the prospective members and members to know the background and good faith in their action that will be done in a digital currency trading activity.
  • AML (Anti Money Laundering) is a sequences of activity that will be done to acticipate and stop the Practice of Money Laudering Corruption Crimes, Prevention of Terrorism Financing and Proliferation of weapons off mass destruction.

3. Registration Process/Member Registration

  • Members agree to submit and comply to the General Terms and Conditions
  • Members can register or register with the terms and conditions if he/she is at least 18 (eighteen) years old and/or married;
  • Have clear and valid identity according to the law;
  • Members registers with the active email address, password, and mobile phone number;
  • Members must register the full name, ID card/Driving License/passport number, selfie photo with ID card/Driving License/Passport which are truly the identities of the prospective members

In the registration process, it’s mandatory for the prospective members to show all data, documents, and informations as follows below:
  • a.Full Name,
  • b.Valid ID card/Driving License/Passport,
  • c.Email,
  • d.Gender,
  • e.Nationality,
  • f.Date and Birthplace,
  • g.Phone Number,
  • h.Address in the ID card and current residential address,
  • i.Occupation,
  • j.Religion,
  • k.Married Status,

Important :
Benefit for the Verified Member:
The benefit for the verified user is allowed to access all the KOINKU features:
  • Buy and Sell digital asset
  • Deposit and withdraw in Rupiah
  • Send and receive Rupiah and Digital Asset

4. Statements and warranties

  • That all services in KOINKU in this case will not ensure and guarantee that KOINKU website will always accessible all time.
  • Member hereby declares and guarantees to use the facilities in Koinku properly and responsibly and does not commit any unlawful and/or unlawful acts and all forms of applicable Laws and Regulations.
  • Member hereby declares and guarantees to not use KOINKU facilities to do crime, law violation, or act against law and/or action that are not appropriate/prohibited by by the prevailing law.
  • That In connection with the Terms and Conditions of registration, prospective Member declares and warrants that matters relating to all forms of Data / Documents / Information / Information / Personal statements provided by Prospective Members to Koinku during the registration process on the Koinku application are true, original, complete and actual, as well as reliable
  • That in this case if in the future it is found that all forms of Data / Documents / Information / Information / Personal Statements given by prospective members to Koinku turned out to be incorrect and conducted unlawfully and / or in violation of the prevailing Laws and Regulations, and Koinku know or obtain information from any party that data, documents, information, information, and / or statements, given by prospective members turned out to be untrue and / or not completely true / false (falsification of personal data). Therefore, prospective members expressly willing to account for the act based on the prevailing laws and regulations.
  • That Koinku has provided sufficient information and explanation regarding koinku facilities that will be used by Members in accordance with the Provisions on the SKU and members have understood and understood and are willing to take responsibility and willing to bear all forms of consequences / consequences that may arise in connection with the use of Koinku services and facilities including benefits, risks, and costs attached to the facilities and services in Koinku.
  • That the Member is hereby fully responsible and agrees that Koinku will not indemnify and/or liable in any form to the Member for any loss, claim, and/or claim arising out of or may be experienced by Koinku as a result of the Member's negligence, or failure in carrying out the transaction.
  • That the Member hereby guarantees koinku that the Member and all his employees and/or other parties cooperating with the Member will not make and/or make, give, animate, sell, transfer, and/or transfer Koinku services either in part or in whole to other parties with any intent, purpose, and reason, including but not limited to crime/fraud/fraud. That if the Member violates the provisions, then the Member shall hereby be responsible for any losses, demands, lawsuits, arising as a result of such violations and hereby the Member agrees that Koinku will not give any loss and/or liability in any form to the Member or any party for any form of kalim, lawsuit, and/or claim arising from the violation.

5. Obligations and Responsibilities

A.Obligations and Responsibilities of Koinku Members in this case are as follows:
  • Members are required to maintain the confindentiality of their identity;
  • Member is responsible for confidentially treating personal Data, Documents, Information, Information and/or Statements, including but not limited to: Username, One Time Password (OTP)/Verification Code, PIN (Personal Identification Number), and others;
  • Each Member is obliged to maintain the security of their password/PIN by not giving to others;
  • Member agrees to update the Data / Documents / Information / Information / Personal Statement if the information provided by the member has changed.;
  • Member is responsible for every transaction made including but not limited to errors in selecting the transaction menu, errors entering destination numbers, errors in entering account numbers, and errors in entering nominals. Therefore, members must follow every instruction in making transactions and loss / reduction of balance in the member's account for the wrong transaction is the member's burden;
  • Member give authority to Koinku to block either part or all of the member's balance (Hold Amount) and/or debit it and to dismiss the account, if there is a request from the bank due to a mis-delivery of funds and the bank requests a blocking and in the opinion and consideration of Koinku there is an error in receipt of the transaction;
  • Member understands and agrees that the member will use Koinku account and facilities for transactions that do not conflict with the provisions of the prevailing Koinku Laws and/or Policies and/or other national and international regulations related to the implementation of such transactions either directly or indirectly;
  • Members are required to comply with Koinku's Terms and Conditions and are not allowed to take actions that may result in losses to Koinku and/or that are contrary to the SKU and applicable Laws and Regulations.
B.KOINKU General Obligations
KOINKU’s General Obligations in this case is as follows:
  • That Koinku will use all reasonable and necessary efforts therein to provide the Services in a sustainable, stable manner, to members in accordance with the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy set forth by KOINKU;
  • That Koinku will use reasonable and deemed necessary efforts to commercially address all genuine complaints from members fairly and equally;
  • That Koinku will use all reasonable and necessary efforts for it so that the Member obtains the right to transaction services in a professional, fair, and equitable manner;
  • That Koinku will use all reasonable efforts and deemed necessary for it so that the Member obtains the right to the transaction history report;
  • That Koinku shall use all reasonable and commercially necessary efforts there for it to adopt such a robust security system designed to protect the Member's Personal Data (including financial information and transactions executed) to ensure that the Member uses the Services in a safe and secure environment;
C.KOINKU’s Authority Over Members
  • Koinku reserves the right to verify, maintain confidentiality and use all matters relating to registration i.e. submission of Data / Documents / Information / Information / Statements from members for the benefit of Koinku in accordance with the provisions of applicable law without any obligation for Koinku to notify, request approval, compensate for any reason;
  • Koinku has the authority to monitor the account activity and transactions of registered and/or verified users as a financial crime prevention measure. The Member must authorize Koinku to ask questions, either directly or through third parties, which Koinku deems necessary to verify the Member's identity, transactions, and activities in order to protect the Member and/or Koinku from fraud or other forms of crime, and to take an y action deemed necessary;
  • Koinku reserves the right to immediately suspend the Member's account and all accounts potentially associated with the Member's suspicious activity, suspend, reject transactions, and freeze Crypto Assets on all such accounts for further investigation. In cases where Koinku can confirm the violation, Koinku has the full right to terminate the user's account;
  • KOINKU reserves the right to make some adjustment to the error of transaction data on the trading system if there is an error in the transaction data on the trading system;
  • If a member violates one or more of the provisions of this provision, then the member will be fully responsible and hereby agree that for such violation, Koinku reserves the right to limit the feature of the use of Koinku service and the member acknowledges and agrees that Koinku will not provide any compensation and or liability of any kind to the member or any party for any risks or consequences arising from restrictions on the use of such services.

6. Suspicious Transaction

Suspicious activity is defined as activity that is believed to violate Koinku SKU or applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to market and price manipulation, fraud, counterfeiting, and criminal acts that will and/or have been committed. Koinku is fully subject to the prevailing Laws and Regulations on the Eradication of Corruption, the Money Laundering Prevention and Eradication Act, the Terrorism Financing Prevention and Eradication Act, the Mass Destruction Weapons Proliferation Crime Act, and/or other applicable Laws. Therefore, Koinku must ensure proper law enforcement for any suspicious activity.
Koinku will not indemnify and/or liable in any form to any member or party for any claims and/or demands and/or losses arising in connection with the use of Koinku facilities by members for transactions categorized as suspicious transactions and/or transactions prohibited by the provisions of the Laws and/or Regulations of Koinku in force and/or other applicable regulations both nationally and internationally related to transaction activities conducted by members directly or indirectly.

7. Account Changes Information

Member be able to know the information of their KOINKU account through the service that provided and be appointed by KOINKU.

8. Support Data Changes (Data Update)

Changes and Updates of Supporting Data must be made by the Member to the data in the form of Phone Number, E-Mail Address and Other Supporting Data in accordance with the current conditions. This is in accordance with the KYC (Know Your Customer Principles) principles implemented by PT Cipta Koin Digital.
Data Changes and Updates are done by sending E-Mail with the subject 'Data Change' to the support@koinku.id by writing down what data the member wants to adjust along with the reason for the change. The change process must be accompanied by the inclusion of Softcopy of Identity, Username, Full Name, Address, E-Mail, Old Data to be changed and renewal data. Furthermore, the verification team will provide notification by calling the main phone number or alternative phone number that has been registered, in order to support all the process is completed in a timely manner, it is requested willingness to ensure the number is active and can be contacted

9. Password Changes

Members can change their Koinku account password. To change the password, members are required to enter the old password, new password and confirm the new password, as well as the Google Authenticator PIN code or SMS PIN verification.
  • Please visit the link pasar.koinku.id
  • Go to the Account menu then click Update in the Password section;
  • Enter the old Password;
  • Enter the new Password the confirm the new .The Password has to be consist of 1 Uppercase letter, 1 lowescase letter, 1 numeric, 1 special character and minimal 8 letter;
  • Click Confirm

10. toc.heading10

A.Market Maker or Sell and/or Buy(limit) Method
Is a method by which members can make purchases / sales of digital assets by determining their own selling / buying prices either using rupiah or digital assets. When the transaction is completed, the order status will be delayed until the market price touches the price set by the Member, if the order has finished eating the Bitcoin balance will appear in the Member's account balance.

B.Taker Method (Market)
Is a method where members can make purchases / sales of digital assets with rupiah, instantly or directly at the point of agreement contained in the marketplace without waiting to touch the desired nominal point.
This method is also called Instant Buy/Sell which allows orders to be entered directly matching with the best queue orders available in the market. Deposit money in Rupiah and purchase Digital Assets in Rupiah through Koinku In putting Rupiah into the member's account, Koinku does not provide a maximum limit on deposits that can be made. The payment method you can choose from right now is via bank transfer. Members can enter the amount of Rupiah balance. Koinku's financial team will validate the deposit and if there are no problems then the balance will enter within 1 x 24 hours during business hours.
Here are the Steps of Sell/Buy Market Method:
  • Click Sell/Buy menu from the KOINKU main menu;
  • Click the price of Digital Asset that the member will order in the table;
  • Enter the total value of Buy or Sell of the Digital Asset that the member desired;
  • Click Buy or Sell button that desired;
  • Sell/Buy process is done;
  • If the order has done then the Digital Asset balance will appear in the member account’s balance;
  • All Assets that can be purchased and sold using Rupiah will be charged 0.3% for each transaction.

C.Here are some steps to Sell and Buy the Digital Asset in KOINKU
The steps to Sell or Buy the Digital Asset in KOINKU
  • Go to the KOINKU account at pasar.koinku.id
  • Choose Exchange menu;
  • Choose the Digital Asset that you want to sell or buy;
  • Choose or decide wheter you will be a Marker (Limit) or Taker (Market);
  • Enter the total Digital Asset that you want to buy or sell;
  • Click Buy button if you want to purchase, or click Sell button if you want to sell the Digital Asset;
  • Wait until the notification “Order Place” appear and the notification of your transaction success.
  • Next, you will be able to know the Digital Asset Balance or you money balance increases/decreases according with the transaction that you done.

11. KOINKU Deposit Mechanism

A.Here are the mechanism or steps to deposit in KOINKU
  • Koinku accepts rupiah deposits and serves the purchase of Digital Assets in Rupiah. Koinku does not provide a maximum deposit limit that can be made by members;
  • Payment method that can be chosen for now is via Bank Transfer;
  • Member must make a transfer from a bank account whose name matches or is the same as the member's name as the account owner in Koinku;
  • If the member makes a transfer from a bank account whose name does not match or is not the same as the member's name as the account owner in My Account. Then My Account will return the funds to the sending account in accordance with the transferred amount minus the refund transfer fee;
  • Financial team will validate the deposit and if there are no problems then the balance will enter within 1 x 24 hours during business hours.

B.Here are some steps to Deposit in KOINKU:
  • Please login to the user page at pasar.koinku.id. Click dashboard;
  • Select Fiat Deposit menu and select deposit method and click submit a request. Bank transfer to pt Cipta Koin Digital bank account. Make a deposit in accordance with the instructions listed along with the attachment of proof of transfer and submit;
  • To deposit via bank transfer, the user is required to make a transfer from the account in the same name as the name registered in my koin account;
  • Our finance team will validate your deposit. The balance will enter within 1-3 hours during business hours.

12. Mechanism of Withdrawing Funds or Withdrawing and Transferring Digital Asset Balance

The following are the mechanisms or steps to withdraw funds or withdraw rupiah balance :
  • Please Login to the user page in the pasar.koinku.id Click Dashboard;
  • Choose Fiat deposit and choose withdrawal;
  • Enter the Bank data that corresponds to the name registered in your Koinku account if you have not input the bank account number you have, if your bank data is available then please select the bank account you wish to use;
  • Next see your bank data whether it is appropriate and please enter the nominal balance of Rupiah that you want to withdraw. And submit a withdrawal by clicking the 'withdraw fund' button;
  • Then enter the OTP PIN sent to the email/sms, or the Google Authenticator pin;
  • Click Submit
  • Wait for our finance team to validate your withdrawal. The withdrawal process can take up to 1 bank business day as it passes through the LLG/Clearing system;
  • Koinku charges 1% for rupiah withdrawal with a minimum withdrawal fee of Rp 20,000.

13. Tranfering Cryptocurrency Asset Balance to User’s personal Wallet

Here are the steps to transfer the Cryptocurrency Asset Balance to Personal Wallet:
  • Click the Crypto Asset you want to send or move and follow the instructions listed, such as the destination address of the Crypto Asset you selected, wallet must match the selected Crypto Asset;
  • Enter the amount you want to submit;
  • Next, enter the OTP Pin that sent to E-Mail/Massage, or Google Pin Authenticator;
  • Click Submit;
  • Cryptocurrency Asset will transferred to your personal wallet in 1-60 minutes.

Please note that KOINKU does not provide Wallet Service, so your temporary Wallet address may change at any time for security reasons. We recommended that you use personal wallet for transaction.
If you want to make you own personal wallet, use the websites of personal wallet provider.

14. Pair Transaction With Other Digital Asset

Pair is the share of currency against Digital Asset to be used. If you already have a Digital Asset Balance in your Koinku account, in addition to being able to make trade/buy transactions, you can trade pairs with other Digital Assets such as pairs between Digital Assets and FIAT (IDR), BTC, and USDT.

15. Withdraw

Once you have added your bank account details to your Koinku Account, you can withdraw funds from your Koinku Wallet to your bank account (`Withdrawal`). My coins will process the withdrawal according to your instructions. You are solely responsible for any Withdrawal instructions given to Koinku, including the relevant bank account number, that are complete and correct and you accept and agree that My Coins are not responsible under any circumstances for reversing or amending any Withdrawals. Koinku will work on all reasonable means to process Withdrawals on a business day basis, in accordance with the Deposit and Withdrawal Schedule on the Koinku website, but you accept and agree that Koinku does not provide any guarantees regarding the withdrawal period. Withdrawals to bank accounts from any third party are strictly prohibited. You agree not to make, or attempt, withdraw any funds from your Koinku Wallet to the bank account of a third party and accept that such Withdrawal may be rejected and/or result in the limitation, suspension, or deletion of your Koinku account.

Insufficient Transaction Fund

Digital Asset Prices are very volatile, the condition of the transaction funds does not occur when you are unable to complete a partially fulfilled order, we may cancel all orders or be able to fulfill a portion of the order using the amount of Funds currently available in your Koinku Account, minus any fees owed to Koinku in connection with the execution of our trades.

16. Transaction Fee

Transaction fees can be seen more at the following link https..

17. Withdrawal Limit

The Member hereby agrees to comply with the withdrawal limit for both Digital Assets and money applicable to the Member's account, and Koinku which in this case applies the principle of Anti Money Laundering (AML) in accordance with the regulations of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is authorized and the right not to process transactions that have exceeded the daily withdrawal limit of:
  • Maximum withdrawal limit of Rp 300,000,000.- (three hundred million Rupiah)/per day for Indonesian Citizens (WNI) or its equivalent in Digital Assets.
  • Withdrawal limit reset or return at 0 (zero) every 00.00 West Indonesia Time (WIB).

18. Investment Risk Disclosure

Investing and trading digital assets (such as Bitcoin &other alternative Digital Assets) has a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors or members. Before deciding to invest or trade these digital assets, you should carefully consider your goals, financial situation, needs and investment experience. The value of these digital assets may rise or fall with great volatility, and will be influenced by matters beyond the Company's control. By trading or investing these digital assets, you can lose all the invested funds. Koinku is not responsible for any losses incurred in investing in or trading these digital assets.

19. Intellectual Property Right

Member represents and approves Koinku as the holder of ownership rights to Koinku services, software, technology tools and content, sites, and other materials including Intellectual Property Rights associated with Koinku facilities. Members are only allowed to view, print and/or download copies of the materials from Koinku for personal and non-commercial use. All commercial uses need to obtain permission from PT. Create digital Coins. Any commercial activities without PT's permission. Cipta Koin Digital is defined as a violation of PT's Intellectual Property Rights. Copyright Digital Coins and result in termination of PT account. Create digital Coins on members.

20. Security

Koinku has implemented the network and security measures as an information security network against unauthorized access to the use, change and/or disclosure of accounts, with security standards that are in accordance with the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations. The inclusion of parties responsible for access to the use, change and/or disclosure of accounts from third parties due to negligence and/or member errors resulting in the risk borne by members, Koinku will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to members or any other party for any risks, responsibilities and demands that may arise in connection with the negligence / intentionality / error of members in providing information.

21. Force Majeure

What is meant by Force Majeure is events that occur outside the capabilities and power of Koinku so as to affect the implementation of transactions, among others, but not limited to:
  • Earthquakes, typhoons, floods, landslides, erupting mountains and other natural disasters.
  • War, demonstrations, riots, terrorism, sabotage, embargoes, and mass strikes.
  • Economic policies of the Government that directly affect.
  • The existence of an outbreak of disease / pandemic that threatens health globally As long as Koinku has performed all its obligations in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in connection with the occurrence of the Force Majeure, Koinku will not provide compensation and/or liability of any kind to any member or other party for any risks, responsibilities and demands that may arise in connection with the delay or incomways of liability due to Force Majeure.

22. Notification

The Member agrees to communicate with Koinku in electronic format, and agrees that all terms, conditions, agreements, notices, disclosures or any other form of communication provided by Koinku to members electronically are deemed to be written. The Member agrees to receive emails from Koinku. E-mail sent can contain information about accounts, transactions, systems, promotions and so on.

23. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes, disputes or disagreements (hereinafter referred to as `Disputes`) arising in connection with the implementation of cooperation shall be resolved in the following manner:
  • That any Dispute, to the extent possible, will be resolved by means of deliberation to reach consensus.
  • If the mechanism of settlement of disputes musyaarah does not reach an agreed word, then hereby will be done steamaya dispute resolution through the applicable legal procedures and based on the prevailing laws and regulations, by choosing the legal position / legal domicile in the territory of the Sleman District Court.

24. Languages

These terms are made in the Indonesian and English versions. In the event of any inconsistency or interpretation that differs between the Indonesian language version and the English version, the Indonesian version shall prevail and the English version shall be deemed automatically amended (effective from the effective date of these Terms) to create the relevant part of the English version in accordance with the relevant part of the Indonesian language version.

25. Others

  • That this SKU is subject and enforced based on Law No. 8 of 2010 on Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering Crimes, and Regulation of the Head of PPATK PER-09/1.02.2/PPATK/09/12, Regulation of the Head of PPATK No. PER-12/1.02/PPATK/06/13, Regulation of the Head of PPATK No. PER-12/1.02.1/PPATK/09/11 and Regulation of the Head of PPATK No. PER-02/1.02/PPATK/02/2014. Therefore, it is related in the case of all transaction activities with a nominal value above Rp. 100,000,000.- (one hundred million rupiah) required to report the transaction to the PPATK.
  • That for matters that have not been regulated in the SKU, it will apply all provisions in the Civil Code as well as the provisions of the Legislation, other positive laws related, other regulations that apply nationally and internationally related to the implementation of such transactions either directly or indirectly.
  • That if in this case Koinku will make changes to the contents of this SKU then Koinku will notify the changes to the members in accordance with the prevailing Laws and Regulations through the media of notification that is considered good and necessary by Koinku. And then the Member will submit and Comply with the changes in the SKU and the SKU that has been made changes will be fully binding to each member. The changes contained in each attachment of the SKU will be agreed upon and furthermore a unity with and an integral part of this SKU.
  • That if the Member commits other actions outside the provisions outlined and stated in this SKU, then the Member in this case will be fully responsible and hereby agrees that Koinku will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to the Member, or any party for any lawsuits and or lawsuits and or claims filed by other parties in connection with the actions taken by the Member.
  • That the Member is obliged to comply with all Terms and Conditions stated and stipulated in the SKU. If there is a member's negligence in obeying or carrying out the contents of the SKU on one or more occasions, it will not eliminate the Member's obligation to continue to meet all the requirements contained in the SKU.
  • Questions about the Terms and Conditions or other matters, conducted through .......................

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